House Floor Plan

Choosing the Right Floor Plans for Singles to Families of 12

If you aren´t an architect, choosing floor plans for your home can be quite a challenge. Even if you are looking for a typical three bedroom, two bath home, the choices are infinite. Put your mind at ease because there is a solution that will help you choose the right floor plans for your house whether it be an existing or new construction home.

Everybody want the cheapest floor plans possible!

Although you may find yourself leaning towards simpler cookie cutter floor plans due to economics, you may want to consider other factors that will help you enjoy and get the most out of your new home. For example, high ceilings come with a higher cost than standard ceilings. Not only is there an increased amount of drywall inside, but there is more stucco outside, more paint, and possibly bigger windows. All of these costs can add up, but it may be worth the extra expense. Low ceilings can feel very drab and depressing, choosing floor plans that open up your home vaulted ceilings can give your home more flow and a nice airy feel.

How to get more spacious floor plans without spending more money?

One way to cut costs and choose the right floor plans is to choose a home that is two stories instead of one. With two story floor plans, you are saving money by cutting the costs of both your foundation and roof because there is less square footage for each. Although single story homes can prove much more easily accessible, especially for elderly or those who have a hard time with stairs, two story floor plans can provide your family with the extra space you need for the price you want.

For first timers, building a home from new floor plans can seem daunting. Ask your contractor to bring you by a few other homes he has built that are similar to what you are looking to build. You should also take note of the features that attract you to other homes you´ve been in. Pay close attention to the details of friends and families homes. Be sure to note the square footage and bed/bath count for each one. If you get the chance to go inside, note what you do and do not like about the floor plans. Sit down with everyone involved in the design of the floor plans and discuss the features you want and do not want.

Be picky about your floor plans

Be as picky as to include where the outlets and switches are to be located on the floor plans to ensure the best flow and practicality for the house. Once you get the basic layout down and you have your floor plans in hand, be picky about the small. If you think out your floor plans now, you will have years of enjoyment from these well thought out floor plans in the future.

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